Get Up (Party Too Hard)

from by Tulameen

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I saw a big man
In a bad place
He was angry
but he had a kind face

pacin' back and forth
No one knows what he did
some people speculated
that he flipped his lid

Had a helluva ride
On a crazy horse

Well he did what he did
Now he is where he is


Party too hard (3x)

Verse 2:

We open doors
and we jump inside
We hit the gas
before we know the ride

How do we know
something we don’t know
We want to beam up to the mothership
and go go go

Light the fuse
and shoot across the sky
We’re on fire
and we don’t know why

When things are jumpin' off
We all fall in line
We all get together
and we have a good time

Chorus 2:

You ain’t gone too far
’Til you get there (2x)

Party too hard...

Verse 2:

Well you tried to show me something
I don’t understand
I was scared
But you held my hand

In the perimeter
You got to flow
(You said) Don’t be forgettin’
that I told you so

The time for thinking
Is officially done
I learned to walk
after I learned to run

Look out baby
‘cause here it comes
I got the devil baby
under my thumb


I know you mean well
when you cast your spell
but that fire you lit
well it burns like hell

You wonder why i turn and run
You hold your chalk like a submachine gun

more is better?
gonna call your bluff
don’t always get better
when you add more stuff

trips to mars
cut down the woods
just cuz you can
doesn’t mean you should

Jesus Buddha Amachee
knew when to lay
when to pay
when to pray
too much
and the whole world’s gray

It’s nice to own land
but I want more
so I kill the other man
on a distant shore

Nice to have a woman
but we want more
better do what I want
don’t be no whore

If it’s a good thing
best not quit right?
quite right
party all night

more sex
more food
more clothes
more cars
more money
more stars
more wine
more laws

more makeup
more cologne
more sexy talk
More Mike Damone

So unless you want to turn and cough
don't keep on fucking tell your dick falls off
More chocolate
more weight
can’t do yoga for three days straight
now you’re broken


from Tulameen, released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Tulameen Seattle, Washington

Tulameen is Dan Filbin, assorted friends, a microphone and a computer in a garage in Seattle, Washington...

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