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Daniel Mayes What a neat little EP. It has a rawness and honesty about it that you can relate to immediately. A bluesy and raw waltz and one I hope will be followed with more in the near future. Favorite track: O Well (feat. Josephine Howell).
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I can't believe I finished it with all this other stuff going on. I'll tell you about it later, but it was crazy


released August 1, 2016




all rights reserved


Tulameen Seattle, Washington

Tulameen is Dan Filbin, assorted friends, a microphone and a computer in a garage in Seattle, Washington...

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Track Name: O Well (feat. Josephine Howell)
Mama had a baby and her head popped off
Mama had a baby and her head popped off
Someone call a doctor 'fore her mind gets lost
So sad to see ya’ go, so sorry that’s your lot

Daddy doubled over when his son got shot
Daddy doubled over when his son got shot
Cried out for help but don't like what he got
Lightin' up the night like a red hot spark

O well
Oh hell
You just can't tell
Rollin’ bones in a cold dead well

O well
Oh hell
Here’s another dry thorn for your crown
Another harsh word for his spell

Sister had a brother in the 12 year war
Sister had a brother in the 12 year war
Prayed every night ‘please watch over him Lord’
Lit a candle cuz he won’t be coming home no more

Evil close around you like a hit man’s twine
Evil want to get you comin’ up from behind
Let it all fall away, ‘cuz all you got is time
Don’t never give in, just let your little light shine

O well
You say it’s hell
but you just can’t tell
Hear the toll of the old brass bell

You just can’t tell…

everybody knows…

What’cha gonna do?

Water wears down stone
don’t go out alone
Track Name: The Moment Of Inspiration, Both Actual And Recreated
"What if the neighbors see you?!"
Track Name: It Just Wouldn't Be The Same Without You
I could move to the country
raise corn in a field
I could sail across the ocean
watch the sunset bleed

The moon in the sky
could fall into my hands
I could have all of these things
but I hope you understand
I’d be a lonely lonely man


It Just Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You
It just wouldn’t be the same without you
You know I built my world around you
and it just wouldn’t be the same without you

Verse 2:

Sometimes I’m selfish
and I feel untrue
I want to say I’d be somewhere else
if it wasn’t for you

but every time I fall
I reach out and you pull me through
I got you I can never lose
You’re the one I choose

Chorus 2:

It Just Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You
It just wouldn’t be the same without you
Can’t believe I found you
It Just wouldn't be the same without you

Verse 3:

This whole wide world
if I was king
The flowers grew tall in the sunshine
The people did sing

And I grew old and peace and love
made the sun set low and beautiful
I’d still be crying with no place to go
Don't let me die alone

Chorus 3:

It Just Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You
It just wouldn’t be the same without you
I watch the angels dance around you
It just wouldn’t be the same without you

I'm a cold-hearted daddy
with some rock and roll
You're a half-gone mama
but you saved my soul

Don't you leave me lyin' here
The mast is broken and the ship won't steer
Track Name: The Hard Way (feat. Josephine Howell)
My heart is shattered
gotta let it bleed
A cold vein opened
For the world to see

Your cryin’ eyes remind me
of the man I used to be
I cut you down, I hurt you
cuz I was not free

Every sunset, every raincloud
We watched go by
The land went dry
And our love flowed

slippin’ thru the cracks
of a broken heart
only lovers know


You fill my mind
My heart and soul
and we both know
We can’t let go

Verse 2

Oh my baby
I’ll tell you what I know
This sweet, thorned rose
A flame burned slow

It’s been so hard
you’re not the only one to blame
didn’t love you best I could
Didn’t do the things I should

But understand I can’t go on
with the same hard times
Across our cool kitchen
sharing empty lines

Hollow howls in the hallways
Empty crying choir
We need to cool down
Or burn up in the fire

Chorus 2:

Jump this fire for you
Whatever else I gotta do
I’ll kill my pride
To keep this heart alive


Oh baby baby
Gotta give me just one more chance
Never do it again
I swear
Never do it again
Track Name: Going Down
You live a good life
You kept your house clean
You went to church on Sunday

You fed the children
You work hard every day
You bit your tongue if you got nothin’
nice to say

Some say you’re saintly
The first on the scene
You often wonder
what it all means

Sometimes life is hard
you try not to frown
But no matter what you do
one day you’re going down


One day you’re going down

Verse 2:

You live a fast life
you got cars and stars
and women and everything
runs hot and cool

But you feel deep
and you take the time
you don’t own a pedestal
And you share your wine

Sometimes you work on Sunday,
No praises to sing
you don’t need no excuses to
do the right thing

You say “I can't take it with me
So I’ll live it up now
Because I know
One day I'm going down”


Verse 3:

You live a sad life
your daddy beat you down
Your mama drank herself
to death alone

So you got high
and you got low
and every day you
pulled a heavy load

And you wonder
If that dark cloud
will go away
And you pray every day

Please my friend stop wishin'
You were 6 feet underground
There's always time to change your mind
before you go down


Brother if you know the best way
to live my life, to spend my time
Sister if you got the plan
please help me understand

One day you're goin' down
Track Name: Get Up (Party Too Hard)
I saw a big man
In a bad place
He was angry
but he had a kind face

pacin' back and forth
No one knows what he did
some people speculated
that he flipped his lid

Had a helluva ride
On a crazy horse

Well he did what he did
Now he is where he is


Party too hard (3x)

Verse 2:

We open doors
and we jump inside
We hit the gas
before we know the ride

How do we know
something we don’t know
We want to beam up to the mothership
and go go go

Light the fuse
and shoot across the sky
We’re on fire
and we don’t know why

When things are jumpin' off
We all fall in line
We all get together
and we have a good time

Chorus 2:

You ain’t gone too far
’Til you get there (2x)

Party too hard...

Verse 2:

Well you tried to show me something
I don’t understand
I was scared
But you held my hand

In the perimeter
You got to flow
(You said) Don’t be forgettin’
that I told you so

The time for thinking
Is officially done
I learned to walk
after I learned to run

Look out baby
‘cause here it comes
I got the devil baby
under my thumb


I know you mean well
when you cast your spell
but that fire you lit
well it burns like hell

You wonder why i turn and run
You hold your chalk like a submachine gun

more is better?
gonna call your bluff
don’t always get better
when you add more stuff

trips to mars
cut down the woods
just cuz you can
doesn’t mean you should

Jesus Buddha Amachee
knew when to lay
when to pay
when to pray
too much
and the whole world’s gray

It’s nice to own land
but I want more
so I kill the other man
on a distant shore

Nice to have a woman
but we want more
better do what I want
don’t be no whore

If it’s a good thing
best not quit right?
quite right
party all night

more sex
more food
more clothes
more cars
more money
more stars
more wine
more laws

more makeup
more cologne
more sexy talk
More Mike Damone

So unless you want to turn and cough
don't keep on fucking tell your dick falls off
More chocolate
more weight
can’t do yoga for three days straight
now you’re broken